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Do you want to create a healthier lifestyle? Than your garden is the key into this.

You can create an abundant edible garden. A garden from which you harvest like fruit, leaves, flowers or nuts.

So if you always wanted to create a healthy garden, than this is your opportunity.

Being outside is good for body & mind, you think les and get our hands dirty. You are more connected to nature this way. It is the beginning of the year and this is the perfect moment for you to start!

You create your healthy garden with me in just 7 weeks!

No long courses, every week 1 hour online coaching & explore your garden to start creating your healthy garden. 


For this pilot program 10 people/families can join.

Every week another topic, these are the 7 steps:

        1. What is a healthy garden & observe your garden
        2. Acknowledge your garden as a family member
        3. Soil health & water in your garden
        4. Design your garden: functions, energy & natural patterns
        5. Combine & create diversity: biodiversity in your garden & plant relations
        6. Best time for everything; realisation of your garden
        7. Q & A what questions do you still have, discover more with each other

How do you register? 

Very simple; click the Orange Button.

Hope to see you coming week and in the meantime take care and enjoy springtime!

Love, Marije

A course where you dive in and gain a lot of knowledge about your garden & how to create a healthy living system which you and nature benefits from! 

Where you can enjoy nature with the whole family, harvest herbs for cooking and explore nature with your children.

Are you prepared to be in your garden every week and invest 4 to 6 hours for 7 weeks in creating your healthy garden? To really see the garden, be adventurous and explore its possibilities? 

Then take on this challenge & create your healthy garden which you benefit from. Finally you can start harvesting from your garden. What you invest in these 7 weeks will pay of later, so in the end say after 1 year, you will have to do less in the garden, the main thing that you are doing than is harvest from the garden and with that you also maintain the garden…

That sound good doesn’t it.

Do you see yourself in your garden? Eating ice-cream (vegan) with the children with freshly harvested strawberries or raspberries from your garden?  Then this is for you, this is your opportunity.

your healthy garden

And yes, by creating a healthy garden you also create a better world, you are more connected to nature and your garden will attract a lot of bees, birds, butterflies etc. 

So your garden will be a haven for nature! Are you ready to go on adventure & ready to make the change?

Then take the plunge and join me for a weekly life online session. Where we will dive into the subjects and I will guide you every step of the way, to explore your garden & continue at with the weekly handout. And to get connected to each other, there will be a private online Healthy Garden group which you can join, if you want. 

I am really looking forward to this and also for me this is an adventure, since I normally coach and design gardens offline. But in these changing times we really need more healthy gardens and we need to live a healthier life. So for me this is the right way to do so. To reach more people and also stay connected and be connected with you through a live weekly moment!

Take the step & join me and take up this challenge. To really create a healthy garden and with that a healthier life.

I am very happy that I was able to experience this course. It was a discovery for me. A search for meaning. A quest for connection. Through the course I learned to see the importance of a bigger picture. Physically, in my own backyard. I was not that aware of the interaction between plants and the function of the environment. It is special that it also made such an impact even though it is online, which is also due to Marije her efforts. 

Niels van Maaren

sr. lecturer/researcher/developer, Fontys University of Applied Sciences

And yes, you are waiting for the catch…or the price tag…So yes, there are costs otherwise I can’t pay my bills, but I really want to reach out and create a healthy price as well! Be with me; the whole program is worth €2100,- and yes that sounds crazy, way to high for what you are willing to invest? Right? 

Also than you can just hire me for your garden design… So your investment will be way less, because it is just €327,- You invest besides your time less than  €47,- every week in your garden! 

That sounds to me like a good deal to create your healthy garden…Also you connect with other garden loving people and you have the healthy garden handouts that you can use the rest of your life!

This is the perfect time to act, to create your healthy garden.


This program will be closing when we reach the total of 10 people…so you better be fast.

Just to be sure you have al the details for creating Your Healthy Garden in 7 weeks:

  1. Every week a 1 hour life session, where you learn step by step
  2. Every week a handout so you know what to do
  3. A private Healthy Garden group which you can join
  4. Bonus handout: How to create a herb garden in 9 steps
  5. You invest 4 tot 6 hours a week in creation Your Healthy Garden
  6. You can join my Pinterest page for lots of ideas & inspiration
  7. The pilot investment is now €327,- incl. VAT for all of this, so just €46,70,- a week for 8 people/families
  8. Starting date is Thursday 9 March, you can join until 6th of March!

How do you register?

Very simple; click the Orange Button.

Hope to see coming week and in the meantime take care and enjoy springtime!

Love, Marije

About me

About me

Hi, my name is Marije and I am a permaculturist designer & yogi. I can help you strengthen the connection with your garden/nature.

Designing and creating paradises in the form of edible woodland gardens, green schoolyards, healthy parks & edible public gardens is my passion. Small nature in your area to enjoy and harvest for humans & animals. That makes you healthier, happier, more creative and more connected and in harmony with nature. I went through various learning schools such as the Design Academy, a permaculture training and the Kundalini yoga teacher training.


I am mother of 2 beautiful children.
Hope to see you soon! 
Love, Marije

Q & A

Can I even join with a small garden?

You can create a healthy garden even on a small plot of land, wether it is 10 m2 or 1000 m2, the basic stay the same.

What if I can't be there every week?

There will be the possibility to watch the recorded life session afterwards.

Do I need to have any background in gardening or permaculture?

That isn’t necessary, we wil begin from scratch in a way. You will explore permaculture & bio-dynamic/ecological gardening in a very practical way.

What if I can't keep up with the homework?

Yes, definitely you can join. It is al up to you ho much you want to invest during the 7 weeks or after.

If I can't join now, will there be a next time?

Yes, there will be a next time. Only this time there is a special priced pilot program, that won’t be back. So if I would be you I would join now…

I life abroad is it even possible for me to join?

Yes, definitely you can join. The only thing is that you need to understand, read & speak english. That would be very handy… 

Marije/Sabh Anand was the person who helped imagine and transform my garden space into a forest garden. Two years on and this outdoor space which I am responsible for does not cease to enchant me,surprise me and teach me about the power of the natural world. In these times of confinements and less movement it has become an absolute wild haven. I highly recommend her coaching anyone into a deeper rapport with the natural environment and its laws.

Satya Kaur

Forest garden, Portugal

Marije created a very easy to execute design that adhered to our wishes. She did this in a very co-creative way listening to us very well and reflecting back. Additionally, she worked very quickly. We were very happy with her work and way of working and would really recommend her.

Kyara Smit

Foda Silva Foodforest